Bri V.T.
@Honolulu, HI

Q. Tips on getting a toddler to sleep in toddler bed? My LO used to sleep through the night when in a crib. But now that he's in a toddler bed, he's waking up every 90 minutes or so. We're trying to get him used to it before I deliver in 2 months. I'm just really tired and irritable because now he'll only sleep if he's in bed with me or my SO. And yes we have a nightlight on for him as well as a summer in the hallway.

2 Answers

Apr 21, 2017

Just take him directly back to bed lay him down don't say a word don't acknowledge him just directly back to bed and go back out. Eventually he'll realize that's boring and stay in bed.

Faith Christian
Apr 22, 2017

I need help with that my daughter sleeps with me and her daddy

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