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I need help

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Anyone have issues with bath time and they baby being afraid of water

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A smile says a thousand words when it comes from ur child that word is love

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i love my husband and son so much. 💘😍

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Trying to conceive but I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 4 month old DD. I haven't gotten my period back yet either. Is it still possible to get pregnant?

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D̝o̝ a̝n̝y̝ b̝o̝d̝y̝ l̝i̝k̝e̝ t̝h̝e̝ s̝h̝o̝w̝ r̝e̝b̝e̝l̝

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Has anyone ever had a stye? How did you clear it?

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Mommas of little girls. This is not a question to critice me on. But i am open to any ideas or tips or advice. We are working on getting our 3 year old daughter potty trained. And would love any tips or advice you may have. I have a system im gonna ...

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What's for dinner?

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Baby alive videos!!!! Adults playing with dolls and changing diapers, on video. This is the new trend young kids are into. I get a really bad vibe from those videos. Do you allow your kids to watch them? Why or why not?

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Any of u cramp when up do a lot during the day?? I did house work like sweep mop clean tubs etc and I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I had to stop because I start to cramp and it really hurts.. is that normal?

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How do you know your having a girl or boy based on your symptoms and features???

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Beginning to rethink things. Can't wait for bed. Need to a redo

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Anyone close to Temecula? Looking to go to the gym at crunch fitness and would hate to go alone. Also, it would be early mornings and evenings.

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Hello when can a two month start eating baby food

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