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For all mirena users: this may be tmi but I had my period on time two weeks ago I've had the mirena for almost 2 years. The last few days I've had dark brown discharge, I've never experienced this before, is this normal or cause for concern?

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Any stepmoms out there? How has your experience been with the ex/baby momma? Im a lil nervous being that this isgoing to my first experienced with an ex/baby momma and i already know shes going to hate me with a passion.

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Let's talk about poop! Those of you breastfeeding.. how often does your baby poop? My four month old poops about once every 5-8 days..

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Did you guys (moms) filled up your social media with pictures of your little ones ever since they arrived ? I know people that aren't mom's yet or don't plan on it which critize when mom's fill their IG with baby pics & videos, guess they just don'...

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So. Idk. This might be the stupidest thing ever but im going back home to give thia man that has starts claiming to be my husband a second chance. To be hobwst this week and a half have been horrible and he keeps saying he needs his wife and baby the...

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Fingers crossed i do not have this model seat. I have to check soon.

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When you see it 😂👻

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Holy moly its been crazy for a while with my boys. My oldest who is 7 is starting therapy to help figure our why he is acting out in school. They think it is a sign of depression, stress and anxiety. And now my youngest (age 2) is acting up at school...

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Opinion post. Just out of curiosity when do you feel is a right age to start feeding infant solid foods? This is my 3rd boy so I have my own opinion I'm just wondering what other moms are. Please no bashing, there is no "right" way to parent and ever...

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Me and my SO are on the roll to being separated again. He's trying to squeeze his way back in my house but I'm not having it and I already know how he acts innocent to get on my good side .. and then when he's back in back to being an asshole . I've...

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I'm looking for a photographer in the Bay Area for maternity / newborn shoot if anyone has any recommendations or is a photographer themselves please feel free to message me thank you ❤

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Rant! It's very sad what's happening around the world...As far as Isis, so they can just claim to have done an attack and that means they've done it? Where's the proof? What if they're just saying that to start more war for them in Syria or wherever...

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Anyone work as a Medical Receptionist ? I have some questions about how you got your job.

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