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So the best site I've found so far is cafe mom. I've already made all my groups of you want to come join so much better than the rest of these mom apps.

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Every baby is truly diff! Nova so darn lazy! Anytime I try to stand her up , her butt falls right back down like she don't have time for that! She barely be wanting to hold her own darn bottle! And she is 6 months!! But at least my baby ain't bald he...

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ok geres a question im not 10 weeks 3 days preggo and cant sleep at night i need advice badly funny pic of ny daughter for attention XD

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Amy moms out there have babies close in age? I have a 9 month old and my next is due in January. They will be 15 months apart 😩 I need any advice you can give me! Anything you want to share is appreciated.

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Boys names that end with AN

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Enjoy your Sunday!

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My son is 3 months old (7 weeks adjusted) and in the bath he pushed his head up and it came down on his bath sponge really hard to the point where he was balling i tried to comfort him as much as possible and hes all cuddled up with me now but sho...

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So proud of my lil girl she won her Pagent

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Anyone got kik??

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How late do u let your kids sleep in?

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So i had my first sono a few days ago i was 13w5D theyre not able to tell me the gender on the clinic that early, but my kids father video the scan and these are the pictures i snaped from the video. Im i right?

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Good morning, Moms! I hope your Saturday sparkles like unicorn shit 🦄💩🌈

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Went to bed very early now im wide awake at 3am lol.

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Hi.. Does anyone know of a park witg covered playground area?? In or around rancho Cucamonga or Claremont area... Thank you

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I have a question . So me and my fiancé are trying to conceive another child . I am in my fertile window and have 33% chance of conceiving says this period tracker/conception app . Well today I noticed that I have been bleeding or spotting dark bro...

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