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Have any other moms who had a c-section and got a huge lovely scar like I got? I thought they did a small cut under the belly for everyone?

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Okay mommas, my 6 week old daughter has had clogged tear ducts for about 4 weeks now. I have been massaging them and doing warm compresses which has been helping a lot, but it still hasn't cleared up. I was wondering what natural remedies you think m...

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Anyone else have to have their gallbladder removed after their c-section? I had to have removed, and I can't eat certain foods anymore and it sucks.

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Is it normal for your stomach, (right above your stitches) after a c-section to have no feelings?

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So I've been wondering all day since I had a c-section my mucus plug never came out, did they take it out during the c-section?

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LOL so. Can my husband schedule a vasectomy while I recover in the hospital from my c-section?

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Are there any moms that have had more than 1 c-section? And how was it for you the second time around?

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I had an emergency c-section 9 months ago but whenever I ovulate or get gassey it feels like I just had it. How long does it take to get back to normal?

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So today at work we were talking about labor so I wanted to ask how long where you in labor and if you used drugs or not? I was in labor a total of 36hrs, 32 all natural until my doctor said c-section or epidural, I chose the epidural which worked p...

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During your pregnancy, were there any news about your baby that you heard that made you worry/scared something might be wrong with them? For me: I was told at one of my ultrasound appointments that her intestines weren't developing properly and by th...

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